Crypto billionaire found dead

crypto billionaire found dead

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Crypto Billionaires Turn Up �DEAD� After Exposing the Underworld of!? � � Security. The renowned crypto billionaire Fernando Perez Algaba was found dead in Argentina, the reports said on Saturday. Algaba, the cryptocurrency. (June ): Drowned off the coast of Costa Rica??. Nikolai Mushegian (October ): Found dead on a beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico; official cause was drowning??. Javier Biosca (November ): Died by reportedly jumping off a balcony in Spain, amidst fraud allegations??.
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  • crypto billionaire found dead
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  • crypto billionaire found dead
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John Forsyth? In yet another mysterious event, Tiantian Kullander died aged just Scams, hacks, stolen keys, the bear market � all these dangers are well-known to any crypto user. As authorities untangle this web, they explore numerous potential motives, including personal vendettas and intricate fraud schemes. Police are investigating Algaba's death, and have taken one person into custody as a suspect, per the publication.